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Perspectives on
Neurodiversity and Belonging

Reflections for Behavior Analysts

ISBN: 978-1-59738-165-9
360 pages / paper / $52.95

   Kathleen Dyer
   Mary Jane Weiss
   Lisa Tereshko
   Anna Linnehan
      Endicott College



Table of contents
Foreword by Sarah Quay
Chapter One
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Perspectives on Neurodiversity and Belonging: Reflections for Behavior Analysts introduces frameworks for behavior analysts to engage with and support neurodiverse individuals and communities. Embracing the principles of the inclusivity movement, this book broadens traditional views by emphasizing acceptance, belonging, and diversity. Through person-centered assessments, individualized goals, and strength-based interventions, behavior analysts can foster genuine community, social connection, and belonging among and with neurodiverse populations.

This collection directly addresses criticisms of ABA raised by the 
neurodiversity movement and proposes areas for improvement while underscoring the foundational principles essential for serving diverse neurological profiles. Readers will discover strategies to promote 
social inclusion and belonging through genuine assent, tailored 
interventions, and collaborative approaches with families and communities. By also delving into profound autism and advocating for representation within the broader discourse on autism, this book champions a compassionate and inclusive approach to clinical 
practice, urging behavior analysts to evolve with the science and prioritize inclusive practices in supporting all individuals in the neurodiverse population.