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Precision Teaching--
A Practical Science of Education

Edited by
Norris G. Haring
Margaret "Peggy" S. White
Malcolm D. Neely

240 pages / paperback / $74.95
ISBN: 978-1-59738-034-8

Table of Contents 
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From the Foreword, by Henry S. Pennypacker:

The audience for this book is as wide as the field of education itself. It includes teachers, those who would be teachers, those who teach teachers and, of course, parents. It also includes others such as coaches, counselors and therapists whose primary concern is also with the behavior of children. Its focus is Precision Teaching, the highly effective technology that flows directly from the natural science of behavior. The key feature of both the science and technology is direct measurement of behavior, and this is emphasized throughout. The contributions range from the abstract, theoretical and philosophical, to the highly practical. Included are learned discourses on the nature and function of education to the nitty gritty of measuring student progress in the classroom and using the resulting data to make optimally beneficial decisions....

The book contains discussions of some of the extensions of Precision Teaching such as fluency, agility, and adduction. There is also a chapter by Abigail Calkin on the use of the measurement system to record and chart private events such as urges, thoughts, feelings, and ideas....

Finally, there are descriptions of private learning institutions that are based on Precision Teaching. The student performance data from these academies affirm Owen White’s basic conviction regarding what is possible in education.