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A Brief History
   of Ancient Rome

D. Brendan Nagle
University of Southern California

Available Now!
ISBN: 978-1-59738-092-8
340 pages / paper / $39.95
E-book is also available

Table of Contents

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Sloan Publishing is pleased to announce the recent publication of 
A Brief History of Ancient Rome by D Brendan Nagle. More information about this book, including how to order a complimentary examination copy, can be found by visiting

This new textbook is available as an inexpensive hard-copy paper- back or as an e-book through Vital Source or Redshelf. Due to the coronavirus, we can send exam copies to your home address or via email if you would prefer an e-sample.

A Brief History of Ancient Rome a beautifully illustrated textbook with full-color maps and photographs appearing throughout the narrative. The table of contents on the webpage provides links to sample chapters.