About the Authors  v

Preface  xxv

1. Achieving Lasting Behavior Change by Applying Behavior Analysis: What Is It and How
   Does It Work?  1

2. Designing Effective Strategies of Change: Essential Building Blocks  21

3. Preparing an Environment Supportive of Behavior Change  34

4. Sharpening the Focus by Refining Goals and Objectives   54

5. Reinforcement: Fueling Behavior Change  80

6. Increasing Behavior by Developing and Selecting Powerful Reinforcers  98

7. Organizing for Behavior Change by Collecting Useful Data  119

8. Optimizing Client Progress by Monitoring Behavior Change: Recording, Graphing,  
  and Analyzing Patterns of Change   146

9. Optimizing Client Progress by Analyzing the Functions of Our Interventions:
   Basic Experimental Designs  170

10. Setting a Foundation for Positive Change:  Identifying Participant’s Functional
   Reinforcers  196

11. Rapidly Attaining Positive Change: Implementing Reinforcement Effectively  222

12. Promoting and Supporting Group Change: Programs and Packages   247

13. Teaching New Behavior: Shaping  271

14. Teaching Complex Behaviors: Chaining, Task Analyses, and Social Skills Training   293

15. Attaining Complex Behavior by Promoting and Supporting Antecedent Control  325

16. Selecting and Applying Methods for Promoting Stimulus Control  343

17. Achieving Stimulus Control   360

18. Prompting Procedures and Instructional Programs  383

19. Teaching, Expanding and Refining Verbal Behavior   409

20. Promoting Independence: Shifting and Expanding Stimulus Control  437

21. Generalization: Expanding Stimulus Control  457

22. Maintaining Behavior: Ratio and Related Schedules of Reinforcement  484

23. Maintaining Behavior by Arranging Time Based Schedules of Reinforcement  502

24. Organizational Performance Management Systems: Supervising and Supporting
   Contingency Managers  527

25. Identifying Effective Interventions with Complex Research Designs  556

26. An Introduction to Preventing and/or Reducing Contextually Inappropriate Behavior   585

27. Preventing Unwanted Behavior: Antecedent Methods   591

28. Reducing Unwanted Behavior: Extinction  617

29. Constructively Preventing and Reducing Behavior: Differential Reinforcement
   Procedures  631

30. Reducing Behavior with Negative Punishment: Response Cost and Timeout  657

31. Reducing Behavior with Positive Punishment while Minimizing Coercion  683

32. Achieving Lasting Change Responsibly  723


Appendix 1: BACB 5th Edition Task List with References to Text Pages  743

Appendix 2: BACB 4th Edition Task List with References to Text Pages  751


Glossary  761

References  789

Name Index  865

Subject Index     885

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