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Bookstore Information 

There are three easy ways to order textbooks from Sloan Publishing.  When placing an order, please have the following information handy:  ISBN of text, quantity desired, bill to/ship to addresses, need-by date, your UPS account number, and a purchase order. 

1.  Order by Phone: Call (845) 534-4994 Monday-Friday between  
     the hours of 9 am and 5 pm EST. 
2.  Order by Fax: Simply fax your order to (845) 534-4159.
3.  Order by Mail: Send orders to:
        Order Department
        Sloan Publishing
        220 Maple Road
        Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY  12520

Orders may be changed or tracked by calling us at (845) 534-4994.

Returns require written permission.  Books must be returned within 15 months of the original invoice date and in saleable condition. A credit memo will be issued, unless the customer specifically requests a refund and there is no outstanding debt balance with Sloan Publishing. After written approval has been received, please ship to:
        Bookstore Returns
        Sloan Publishing
        220 Maple Road
        Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY  12520

Bookstores have 60 days to submit payments following receipt of their orders.  Sloan Publishing reserves the right to charge bookstores $35 for each invoice that is more than 30 days past due.