Forward: Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations

1.   Introduction: Democracy and Democratization: Challenges and Opportunities 
        Patrick Campbell

2. The Authoritarian Comeback
       Arch Puddington

3. Does Democracy Matter for Economic Development?
       Wade Channell

4. Political Radicalism: A Continual Challenge to Democracy
       Elizabeth Verardo

5. Democracy and Religious Conflict: Limits and Opportunities of American Civil Religion
       Brandon Colas

6. State Power and Internet Governance: Balancing Democratic Institutions and Optimal Outcomes
       Aaron F. Brantly

7. Social Media and Democracy Promotion: A Public Diplomacy Perspective
       Keith Hughes

8. Rouhani Might Be a Mullah, But He’s Our Mullah: Supporting the Liberalization of Iran Through the Political Economy
       Alex Deep

9. Settling for Stability: America’s Middle East Policy After the Arab Spring 
       Patrick J. Bell

10. The Democratization of China’s One-Party Socialist State: A Political Impossibility or an Ineluctable Outcome?
       James Daniel

11. Post-Soviet Russia: Democracy Out of Sight?
Isaac Wisniewski

12. Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
       Brandon Parrish

13. Democratic Challenges of the European Union
Evren Çelik Wiltse

14. Public Will Versus Public Interest: Should We Reform Our Presidential Selection System?
       Patrick Campbell

14. Disapointed Democrats: The New Normal in Latin American Politics
       Rebecca Root

16. The Last Stage of Perfection: America’s Politicized Officer Corps and Its Apolitical Ideak
       Lukas Berg

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